2 C Paris is a French relocation agency specializing in mobility, and in assisting companies and individuals to make the move to France with ease.

As French specialists, who have lived and worked in France for more than 20 years, we aid our clients in all aspects of the move, helping to ensure it is a smooth transition for them and their family. Our services range from assisting our clients to find a new home, school and bank, to complete vital immigration paperwork, to immerse them in the French culture, and everything in between to make their time in France as enjoyable as possible.

We are addressing to HR Managers, responsible mobility, international French companies and individuals.


We know that there are many choices for relocation agency in Paris and its region, so why choose 2 C Paris?

Our goal at 2 C Paris is to advise and assist our clients through all the necessary steps for their move to France. As expatriates ourselves, hailing from Italy, England and the USA, we understand the challenges our clients go through during the international moving process. We have worked with relocation agencies during our time abroad and know what key elements are needed to make the move as easy as possible.

We listen to your needs and requests, then tailor our services using the highest level of attention to detail, respect and professionalism in the industry.

Parisians have a reputation of not being lovable, 2 C Paris wants to show you that this is not always true, and will welcome you with a smile as a new family member.


  • Time Saving
  • Efficiency of the employee in the new - position
  • More Serenity in the work
  • Happy employee


  • Welcomed by professionals
  • Advised on housing, schools, banks
  • Supported from A to Z for installation
  • Less stress
  • Easier move

2 C Paris understands how important the first few days of a move are and how an easy and smooth transition can make all the difference. That’s why we are vigilant in every detail to make sure your experience is a positive one.